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6th DEEP

6th Deep

  1. Passage up to the fifth deep.
  2. If Gimli, Gandalf, or Kiri is present, he recognizes this place as Durin's throne room. You are attacked by three olog-hai and three uruk-hai.
  3. Secret door to the first level (3).
  4. Jump the chasm.
  5. An opening in the floor. Climb down or use rope.
  6. An opening in the ceiling. If you used rope to get down, answer Yes to get back up, otherwise climb up.
  7. Use a shovel, a pick, or Durin's pick to unearth mithril ore. There is mithril to get (× 10). In the standard version, when you pick up the fifth lump of mithril, signs of an obsession with mithril begin to show. If you pick up more than seven lumps, you become obsessed and will not leave the pit, ever. In the enhanced version, since the 'Get' dialog stays open, the first warning may not be displayed. You can still pick up no more than seven lumps of mithril.
  8. Climb the rubble pile to the crawlspace and down to the seventh deep.
  9. Passage connecting to the Lorien caves.