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5th Level

  1. Passage up to the sixth level.
  2. Guarded doorway. You are attacked by either two or four orcs. See note for the first level on actions that alert the guards.
  3. The ghosts of Oin and Ori appear. Free them with the !Khazad word of power. They provide hints. If the Moria Doom spirit was released in Gorthad, and Hawkeye is dead, and you did not carry out the ceremony in Rivendell, Hawkeye's ghost appears for the second time and attacks. When defeated, it is still not destroyed but retreats. If Hawkeye is alive, or the signet ring was used in Rivendell, you are attacked by a barrow-wight instead.
  4. Drishnak of the Red Eye, who is alarmingly well-informed, demands that you hand over the Ring. If you start to walk away, he threatens you, and if you try to leave the room he attacks. Of course, you can attack him and defeat him easily. Or, you can trade him the Smith's ring or the signet ring. In either case he takes the ring and disappears.
  5. You find something hidden within the fireplace, and in the enhanced version, the 'Get' dialog opens invitingly. Do not take the black key yet! The fireplace is trapped, as using detect traps (or perception, if the leader has Dwarf lore) reveals. Use devices three times to disarm the traps. (Using perception in between would reveal the traps, one after the other.) Now you can get the black key. If you do not disarm the traps, the leader takes 2–8 points of damage from the first one (a poison needle); and the second one inflicts 2–6 points of damage on everyone (noxious vapours). The game does not say what the third trap is, but apparently it does no harm (it inflicts 3–12 points of damage, but only to those previously selected in some way, and nobody was selected).

Ori, OinBalin/Durin, Durin's Axe/Axe