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6th Level

  1. One-way exit from the spider room, see #10 in the third deep.
  2. Passage down to the fifth level.
  3. Red fungus grows here, for you to get (× 6). Red fungus heals 3 Life points. If you have Hobbit lore a paragraph is displayed.
  4. Step into the abyss to be teleported to the fourth level (3).
  5. If the spirit of Moria Doom was released in Gorthad, you will finally confront it here. If Hawkeye is dead, and you did not carry out the proper ceremony in Rivendell, Hawkeye's ghost reappears. This time, though, he is able to talk to you, until the evil spirit breaks in again and sends out four trolls. When they are gone, Hawkeye's spirit thanks you and disappears for good. If Hawkeye is alive, or was buried properly, the evil spirit simply mocks you and sends out his four trolls to attack.
  6. If Gimli is present, or you have Dwarf lore, you recognize this place as the Hall of the First Father. Use perception to find a stone seal. Use Durin's pick to be teleported somewhere to "do Durin's work". Your destination depends on what you have left to do. If the Moria Doom spirit was released, you are teleported to the spirit lair (#5). If the evil spirit is gone, but you have not found Durin's Axe, the leader gets the !Sign of seven word of power and you are teleported to Durin's Deep. If you have the axe, but the Balrog is still around, you are teleported to the seventh deep to confront him. Finally, if the Balrog is down, you are teleported to some place high up in the mountains, overlooking Lórien, and left there to die (there is no way down and you cannot move anyway).
  7. Passage up to the seventh level.
  8. Each member of the Fellowship gets a stat increase (+1–2 Endurance), once only.
  9. Stairs down to the fourth level.
  10. Each member of the Fellowship heals 2–8 Life points.
  11. Each member of the Fellowship gets a stat increase (+1 Will), once only.