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4th DEEP

4th Deep

  1. Stairs up to the first level (4).
  2. Passage and stairs down to the fifth deep.
  3. Guarded area. You are attacked by either two or four orcs. See note for the first level on actions that alert the guards.
  4. Passage up to the third deep.
  5. Red fungus grows here, for you to get (× 6). Red fungus heals 3 Life points. If you have Hobbit lore a paragraph is displayed.
  6. When you cross the bridge you hear a bird crying 'Gandalf'. The next moment two tentacles attack. When they are defeated, two more appear on the other side of the bridge.
  7. Upstairs, the bird is heard again. An olog-hai attacks.
  8. There is a stone lid in the ceiling. Use a prybar to pry it open, then climb up. The lid does not come crashing down on you, so I guess it swings to the side. You can shut it again upstairs if you want to.
  9. Turrog the olog-hai attacks you. When he is defeated you get the !Khazad word of power from the bird. Radagast the bird also gives you some hints, including one on the Moria Doom spirit if you released it in Gorthad.