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1st LEVEL / 1st DEEP

1st Level / 1st Deep

  1. West gate. The first time you enter Moria a paragraph is displayed; otherwise a message appears if you have Dwarf lore. Moria is dark; use a torch or the Illuminate spell.
  2. If you released the Moria Doom spirit in Gorthad, a chilling presence is felt. Further, if Hawkeye is dead and you did not carry out the proper ceremony in Rivendell, his ghost appears and attacks. When defeated, it withdraws but is not destroyed.
  3. Stairs down to the sixth deep. The stairs are magically protected. Use perception to spot a keyhole. To remove the barrier, use the star key, the black key, or the Countermagic spell.
  4. Stairs down to the fourth deep.
  5. Stairs down to the fifth deep.
  6. You spot a sleeping snaga, Gharsh. Sneak to surround him and answer Yes to wake him. Trade him rations, a gem, a gold ring, or mithril to make him talk. If you did not sneak, you can attack him or just do nothing. In either case he will wake up and scream, possibly alerting someone (see note below), and you have to fight him.
  7. Passage down to the second deep.
  8. Well room. If Gandalf and Pippin are present, Gandalf hesitates, while Pippin further alerts the guards by dropping stones into the well. Finally, Gandalf comes to a decision about the road ahead: he recommends taking the right-hand way (to the second level).
  9. Passage up to the second level.
  10. When you approach the lone orc, four olog-hai appear round the corner and attack. The orc joins the fray as well.
  11. Stairs down to the third deep.
  12. Guarded doorway. You are attacked by either two or four orcs. See note below on alerting the guards.
  13. Passage down to the second deep.
  14. Passage down to the second deep.
  15. The exit from the hall is guarded by either four or six uruks. See note below on alerting the guards.
  16. When you cross the bridge of Khazad-Dûm, the Balrog appears behind you. Information corresponding to Elven lore, Dwarf lore, and Wizard lore is displayed, if you have those skills. Do not move! If you do, the Balrog attacks, and all characters take 15 points of damage from the Balrog's fire before the fight even begins. He is a formidable foe in battle, doing 30+ points of damage with each hit. Should you win, you get his sword (it is an ordinary sword). To avoid the fight, either use the Golden Wheel to blind the Balrog or have Gandalf use the Wizard staff. In the latter case a video clip is shown (about two minutes long) in the enhanced version; in the former case, text is displayed. (The standard version uses the text messages and a cartoon.) You end up outside Moria. Gandalf and the Balrog are gone. If you use the Golden Wheel when Gandalf is not present, you are teleported outside but the Balrog is still where he was, guarding the bridge.
  17. Exit to the east gate.

GharshMaster/Balrog, Balin, Password, Lie/Liar, Moria, Orc