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7th DEEP

7th Deep

  1. An opening in the ceiling. Climb up to the sixth deep.
  2. Jump the lava pits. Touching the lava means instant death.
  3. If you have Elven lore, you recognize the creature on the throne as a Balrog. If you move, each character takes 15 points of damage from the Balrog's fire before the fight even begins. Should you win, you get the Balrog's sword. Use the Golden Wheel or the Wizard staff to turn the Balrog.
  4. Using perception, you think that the chest may be trapped. Detect traps confirms that there is a trap. Using picklock triggers a gas trap. All characters take 2–8 points of damage. Use devices to open the chest. If you have Elven lore you recognize the brooch of Galadriel. Get the Lady token, Gold anvil, Gold chisel, and Gold hammer.
  5. If you have the Ice staff, a message states that with the staff you can walk on lava. However, after the message has been displayed, if you keep going it means instant death.