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4th Level

  1. Passage down to the third level.
  2. If Gimli, Gandalf, or Kiri is present, he recognizes this place as the chamber of Gabilgathol. The eastern doorway is guarded by three statues. If Gandalf is present, he notes that Saruman made them; and if anyone has Wizard lore, he notes that the statues are magical (again). The statues demand a password. Tell them 'Khazad-Dum' (or 'Moria' to annoy them). The ghostly statues mention the Lady's token and the golden items needed for Durin's Axe. As they disintegrate, the spectral voice from the Forsaken Inn cellar speaks again.
  3. You are teleported to the spirit lair on the sixth level (#5). Step carefully, or you might fall into the abyss after being teleported.
  4. Passage and stairs up to the sixth level.
  5. You are attacked by five huge spiders. When they are gone, five more spring down on you. There are five of these spots.
  6. Using perception you find that these are the tombs of Dwili and Buri.
  7. Using perception you find that these are the tombs of Throri and Blain. Get the two torches.
  8. A text paragraph is shown (actually, different texts depending on whether Sam is present or not). Use a pick or Durin's pick (using a shovel does not help). You get the !Sign of seven word of power.