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2nd DEEP

2nd Deep

  1. Passage up to the first level (7).
  2. Passage down to the third deep.
  3. Passage up to the first level (14).
  4. Gimli recognizes the hall of worship with its altar. Answer Yes to cleanse the altar from orcish influences. If you released the Moria Doom spirit in Gorthad, you are teleported to its lair on the sixth level (#5). Otherwise you simply smash the orcish trinkets on the floor.
  5. Jump the chasm.
  6. If you are heading east, sneak to get past the guards unnoticed. Otherwise you need to fight five orcs.
  7. Recruit Kiri if you like.
  8. Each time you pass through here, there is a 60% chance that you run into five snaga orcs who want to fight you.
  9. You are attacked by five uruks. If you gave a ring to Drishnak the trinket collector on the fifth level, you can get it back here (not from him, though, but from the uruk who killed him).
  10. Red fungus grows here, for you to get (× 6). Red fungus heals 3 Life points, like mushrooms – if you have Hobbit lore, a paragraph is displayed saying that they are much the same thing.

KiriDol Guldur, Moria/Khazad-Dum, Witch-King, Hain