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7th Level

  1. Passage down to the sixth level.
  2. Guarded doorway. You are attacked by either two or four orcs. See note for the first level on actions that alert the guards.
  3. The Chamber of Mazarbul. Read the book once for a hint. If you read it a second time, a video clip is shown in the enhanced version (about 90 seconds; the standard version uses paragraph #225). If you read it a third time, you get one more hint, but you are also attacked by five orcs. You are told to get out of there, fast. If you stay and wait, you are overwhelmed by orcs (game over).
  4. If you ran through the east door after fighting the orcs, the Balrog appears behind you. If Gandalf is present, the screen turns dark, and Gandalf holds the Balrog back. If you walk back west you are attacked immediately. Similarly, if Gandalf is not around to help you, each member takes 15 points of damage from the Balrog's fire and you have to fight it. If you have the Golden Wheel, you are protected (nothing happens).
  5. Stairs down to the third level.