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Mirror of Galadriel Lorien caves

  1. The elf guard outside the royal flet won't respond to smalltalk. If you have found the five objects (see below) he directs you to the berth. In the standard version, you get a stat increase as well (+2 Will, Luck, and Life; +1 Endurance). (In the enhanced version, you should see Galadriel at the hythe for the reward, although you must still go here first. Somehow it seems more appropriate that you benefit from her blessing.) In the flet, a video clip is shown in the enhanced version. If Gandalf fell in Moria, some lines of dialogue are displayed. Galadriel then asks you to meet her at the Mirror, and suggests that you seek five objects of power: a crown of elanor, a scabbard, a silver horn, an elfstone, and the light of Eärendil's star. While you do not have to do so, finding them might make you better prepared for your journey. You can recruit Celeborn if you like.
  2. Amglin.
  3. Moriel.
  4. Bragolhir. If Legolas is present, Bragolhir challenges him to a race around the hill. Answer Yes to win and get a stat increase (+2 Dexterity). If you refuse, Bragolhir is disappointed but the offer still stands.
  5. Tharos.
  6. You hear the voice of an elf-maid (Aldawen) singing.
  7. Barahim.
  8. The mirror of Galadriel. If you have talked to Galadriel at #1, she appears here. You see a vision of Dol Guldur. Get Galadriel's key. You can use a bottle to draw some water (at night only) – from the stream or from the Mirror, it is not clear which.
  9. The door with the swan-shaped keyhole cannot be opened with picklock or the Unlock spell. Use Galadriel's key. The door locks itself again; you must use the key from the inside as well. The tunnels connect to Moria.
    • a. There are dragon bones here.
    • b. If you have Dwarf lore, a message is displayed when you enter the cave. If Gimli, Kiri, or Druin approaches the forge, and you do not have Durin's Axe, an apparition of Durin appears, commanding them to seek it. If neither of them is present, the entire room bursts into flame. All characters take 2–8 points of damage.
    • c. You have a vision of dwarves and their hunger for gold.
    • d. You have a vision of the Witch-King.
    • e. The stench of sulphur makes you dizzy.
    • f. You hear a bird cry 'Gandalf'. Using a pick or a shovel at the rubble does not work. Use Durin's pick or the !Durin word of power to release a brown bird. It warns you against the false Radagast.
    • g. Use the White Wings to fly to the small island. Only the leader may use the wings.
    • h. Trade the White Wings to the eagle (it looks rather like a brown bird). The leader gets the !Thorondor word of power and is teleported back to the shore.
    • i. You are attacked by six uruk-hai.
    • j. When you enter the cave a dragon's voice is heard. Pressing on, you are suddenly touched by dragon sickness. A few steps further and the phantom dragon is heard again. Get the White Wings.
    • k. Passage to the sixth deep of Moria.
  10. Gilien.
  11. Aldawen's flet. If Legolas is present, she falls in love with him at first sight and offers him an elanor crown as token of her love. If he is not around, ask her about the elanor crown. Answer Yes to take it and deny her love forever. If you answer No, she insists that you have it anyway. Get the elanor crown.
  12. Isilwen.

GaladrielDoom, Dol Guldur, Help, Mirror, Hythe, Library, Finarfin
CelebornHelp, Quest, Dol Guldur, Thingol, Hythe, Library
AmglinScabbard, Peace, Galadriel, Lorien, News, Base
MorielLorien, Galadriel, Betray, Dol Guldur
BragolhirScabbard, Hythe, Lorien, Mallorn, Niphredil/Elanor, News, Base
TharosCrown, Joy, Galadriel, Lorien, News, Base
BarahimPeace, Horn, Dwarf/Moria, Dol Guldur, Lorien, Galadriel, News, Kelmandol
GilienCrown/Elanor, Labor, Lorien, Mallorn, News, Elring, Dol Guldur
AldawenElanor/Crown, Love
IsilwenLabor, Dol Guldur, Galadriel, Mirror, Lorien, News, Base