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Moria East Gate

  1. When you exit Moria through the east gate, you are attacked by three uruk guards.
  2. If you enter one of these areas, you are attacked by three orcs.
  3. An invisible border spans the gap. The first time you cross it, you are struck by the Black Breath. The Witch-King swoops down and kidnaps the Ringbearer, and Sam Gamgee if he was present. The prisoners are brought to Dol Guldur.
  4. Mirrormere. If you have Dwarf lore, some information is displayed. The water shines with the light of Eärendil's star (day and night). Use an empty bottle (or wine bottle) to draw some of it.
  5. Nimrodel. If Legolas is present, he summarizes the story of the waterfall.
  6. Durin's stone. If Gimli, Druin, and/or Kiri is present, he receives a stat increase (+1 Strength).
  7. Legolas, Boromir, and Aragorn vent their views on Lórien. If any of them are missing, the conversation stops there (i.e., if Legolas is not present, nothing happens).
  8. Ruins. If you have Dwarf lore or Elven lore, some information is displayed. Use perception in the north part of the ruins to find and get an amulet.