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Berth Flets

  1. Answer Yes to accept Urthel as instructor. Get the Bows skill. If you answer No, Urthel will not repeat the offer.
  2. Esteledhel has a riddle for you: Who is the greatest enemy of all? If you do not know the answer, do not despair. When answered, Esteledhel offers a hint about Gollum.
  3. Luinil.
  4. Library. Where Rúmil is standing, read a scroll on Dol Guldur. On the other side of the shelf, read another scroll by Gandalf. In both cases you can also use perception for a hint that there is something to read.
  5. The Hythe gate.
  6. Use perception or use a shovel at the burial mounds to find a scabbard. If he is present Boromir comments on it. Get the scabbard.
  7. If you have talked to Galadriel at the Mirror, she can be found at the hythe beside a swanship. (Otherwise the dock is empty.) If you have collected the five objects, and been to the royal flet, Galadriel acknowledges your feat (in the enhanced version only; see the section on the royal flet) and you get a stat increase (+2 Will, Luck, and Life; +1 Endurance). Galadriel asks if you are ready to depart. Answer Yes to be taken to the east side of the river. You get the !Orome and !Melian words of power. Get the lembas (× 5).
  8. Nimenor. At night, she greets you differently than in the day, drawing your attention to Earendil's star.
  9. Guard flet. With Galadriel's permission (i.e. when you have talked to her) you can recruit Malkir.
  10. Turalos.

UrthelHorn, Dwarf, Dol Guldur, Lorien, Elring, Help
LuinilHelp, Lorien, Shadow, News, Base, Galadriel, Star/Earendil
RumilNews, Dol Guldur, Help, Galadriel, Lorien, Scabbard, Library
NimenorStar/Earendil, Galadriel, Shadow, Lorien, Dol Guldur
MalkirLabor, Horn, Lorien, Shadow, Quest, Lady
TuralosBattle, Gondolin, Sirion, Dark Lord, Lorien, Galadriel, Blessed/Realm, News, Kelmandol