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Northwest Lorien Flets

  1. Belegcam. If Boromir or Aragorn is the leader, Belegcam challenges him to a wrestling match. Answer Yes to win and get a stat increase (+1 Strength). If you refuse, Belegcam is disappointed but the offer still stands.
  2. Esgaldil.
  3. Tinalin's flet. The seamstress shows you a cape and asks if you like it. If you answer Yes, she offers it to you; get Tinalin's cape. Answer No to hurt her feelings. If you come back later, she tells you to be off; you do not get a second chance.
  4. Thontur's flet. The bowyer offers you a bow. Answer Yes, then get the Magic Bow. If you refuse, Thontur is disappointed but the offer still stands.
  5. Mablung.
  6. Linwen's flet.
  7. Kelmandol's flet is a tavern. Get ale (× 3) and hot food (× 3) from Kelmandol for free. At the table to the northeast, get an empty bottle.
  8. If you have orc lore, you are warned that there may be orc snipers ahead. Sneak past them (see #10 below).
  9. Use perception near the easternmost outcropping to spot an orc bowyer. Four orcs attack. If you do not do anything at all (such as simply moving on), the orcs fire a volley of arrows doing 6 points of damage.
  10. If you did not sneak at #8, you are attacked by four orcs.
  11. At night, you are attacked by the troll who inhabits these ruins.
  12. If you have Dwarf lore, some information is displayed. Use perception to find something valuable. Get the silver horn.

BelegcamShadow, Wrestle/Wrestling, War/News, Base, Lorien
EsgaldilStone/Elfstone, Poet, Lay/Leithian, Triumph/Evil, Lorien, Galadriel or Redhorn
TinalinCape, Seamstress, Lorien, Temporary, Galadriel
ThonturScabbard, Hythe, Bow, Lorien, Redhorn, Dol Guldur
MablungLabor, Stone, Mound, Lorien, Dol Guldur, Galadriel
LinwenHelp, Scabbard, Shadow, Lorien, Galadriel, Dol Guldur, News, Kelmandol
KelmandolHorn, Lorien, Redhorn, Dol Guldur, Galadriel, Food/Drink, News
RathgilStar/Earendil, Labor, News, Lorien, Mallorn, Elanor/Niphredil