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City Gates

  1. When you cross the bridge you are challenged by Haldir who wants a password. If you move on you are quickly surrounded. Answer Yes to surrender, or get shot. If you surrender, you are escorted back to the waterfall of the Nimrodel. Tell Haldir 'Elrond'. He escorts you to Cerin Amroth. Once Galadriel has given leave, you can recruit him in a roundabout way, see below.
  2. Guard flet. With Galadriel's permission (i.e. when you have talked to her) you can recruit Celebrith.
  3. Cerin Amroth. On the west side of the hill, a message is shown if Aragorn is present. On the east side, someone dropped something valuable. Get the elfstone. If it is Aragorn's, he is too embarrassed to admit it.
  4. Annaniel.
  5. Naragond.
  6. Gate of Caras Galadon. Each time you enter, all characters heal 5–10 Life points.

AnnanielCrown/Elanor, Shadow, Lorien, Galadriel, Bent/Blessed
NaragondLembas, Lorien, Galadriel, Betray, Stone/Elfstone, Mound
CelebrithLabor, Horn, Lorien, Shadow, Quest, Lady