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NE Lorien Flets

  1. Meleth.
  2. Smith's flet. If you have the Smith's ring, Curudol offers to fix it for you. Trade it to him. When he is done, and has scared you that he wants it for himself, he hands it to you. Get the reforged ring.
  3. You hear the voice of a hammer striking against an anvil.
  4. Losduilas.
  5. Ciryon's flet. Ciryon is baking lembas, but only Galadriel may give this bread.
  6. Balendil.
  7. Elring's flet. Ask Elring about 'help' for some information on Redhorn Pass.
  8. You come upon a battlefield. With his last words, a mortally wounded elf tells you about orc invaders in the marsh.
  9. As you move east you are attacked by six orcs. When they are dead, six more appear. After that, three uruk-hai and three olog-hai attack. Defeat them all to receive a stat increase (+2 Endurance, +2 Life).
  10. Edge your way into the marshy area as indicated by the arrow on the map. You find a deep sinkhole, so narrow that only a hobbit could fit into it. Climb down or use rope. If Pippin, Merry, Nob Appledore, or Ned Bushdock is present, you find a gem. Get the Eagle gem.
  11. Climb the tall mallorn tree for a good view of the surrounding area.

MelethStone/Elfstone, Haven, Bless/Realm, Lorien, Redhorn, Galadriel, Mirror, Dol Guldur, Mound
CurudolRing, Celebrimbor, Horn, Lorien, Temporary, News, Kelmandol
LosduilasStar/Earendil, Lorien, Temporary, Dol Guldur, Galadriel, Mirror, News, Redhorn
CiryonLabor, Bread, Crown/Elanor, Song/Poet, Kelmandol, Galadriel
BalendilHorn, Dwarf/Moria, Lorien, Shadow, News, Kelmandol
ElringHelp, Redhorn, Dol Guldur, Caradhas, Galadriel, Mirror, Lorien