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Green Hills  Hawkeye's cave

  1. When you enter this area you hear a bird call 'Gandalf'.
  2. You find a cave by falling into it. There is a trapped bird to the southeast. Walk up to it and kill the spider that appears. The bird gives you some information and vanishes. Climb back to the surface.
  3. Nazgul attack.
    If you are heading west, Gildor's elves arrive just in time to scare the Black Rider off. They take you to their camp by the standing stones.
    If you run into the encounter on your way east, you are on your own: you have to fight the Rider.
  4. Gildor's elves take you here. The leader of the Fellowship gets the !Elbereth word of power from Gildor, who stays around for a while and departs in the morning.
  5. When you enter this area you are told that you are feeling watched. If you keep going, a Ranger called Hawkeye soon appears. Press Yes to accept him into the Fellowship. Keep walking around in the area and you will be attacked by an orc. When it is dead, Hawkeye takes you to his secret cave (6).
  6. Hawkeye's cave.
    Climb into the cave. If he is present, Hawkeye tells you that the Black Riders are coming and orders you to run. Taking his bow and sword, head north. The ranger's death cry is heard behind you. Picklock the chest (a) and get the bladepart, signet ring, rations (× 4) and silver pennies. The exit is to the east (b). You surface in the ruins, the tunnel caving in behind you.
  7. At this spot you hear hoofbeats (at night only), but nothing else happens. In the enhanced cinematic version of the game you are treated to a short animated cut scene instead. (It happens once only: either here or in the Bag End area.)

GildorBlack Rider, Gandalf, Ring, News, Elbereth, Advice
Silver pennies
Hawkeye's cave30