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East Woods  Amonar's tomb

  1. When you enter this area you hear a child's sobbing, then you are warned that hungry wolves are closing in on you. After two warnings a wolf attacks.
  2. Ruins.
    Taffy is sitting paralyzed with fear by the north wall. Use charisma to make her come with you. If you have rescued Freddi, she joins you automatically.
  3. Cave.
    Climb the cliff face to enter the cave. You need to have a torch equipped or it will be pitch dark inside.
    • When you walk up to the hobbit child (a), a giant hunting spider appears and attacks. Freddi joins you automatically when it is dead. Get the star key and the axe, and read the scroll. You learn two things: that Druin's uncle was a messenger to Bilbo from the re-established kingdom of Khazad-dûm; and that Balin was not the most imaginative of letter-writers.
    • Jump the chasm to the west and use the star key to open the door (b). This is the tomb of Amonar, youngest son of King Arveleg I of Arthedain. When you walk up to the ghostly statue, the 'Get' dialog opens automatically (in the enhanced version of the game). Do not touch anything yet, or the ghost will hack you to pieces! Read the inscription and use the star key again. Answer Yes to the ghost's question, and now that you have the Ghostking's blessing, get the Ghost ruby and the silver pennies.
  4. Athelas grows on the south side of this tree. Get three doses.
  5. Healer.
    For each leaf of athelas that you trade to the Healer, each member of the Fellowship heals 1–10 Life points.

The HealerHeal
TaffyWolf/Dog/Bad Dog, Freddi, Cave
Silver pennies
Amonar's tomb30