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Brandy Hall  Brandy Hall basement

  1. Healer.
    The healer joins you automatically if you are on an errand from Farmer Maggot, otherwise he will not help you.
  2. Maggot's farm.
    Do not enter the boy's room without the healer. If you do, the dogs attack. Even if you win the fight (or if you run away from it) you lose, since the boy on waking up sees that his beloved dogs are gone and dies from the shock. Farmer Maggot is mortified by grief and there is nothing you can do here. Go fetch the healer instead. The dogs are pacified and the boy is healed. The grateful farmer offers you two mushrooms. (Mushrooms restore 3 Life points. They can be traded later.)
  3. Bucklebury ferry.
    Recruit Merry.
  4. When you enter this area, Lobelia turns up and demands the key to her property if it is still in your possession. If you ignore her again, and linger for too long in the shaded area, the Shirriff comes in and throws you in the Lockholes.
  5. Brandy Hall.
    Use charisma or sneak to get past Esmerelda. When the ghost is gone she withdraws to the kitchen.
    • In the library (a), use perception for some information on the books. Trade pipeweed (found downstairs or bought in a store) or a pipe to the ghost to make it vanish from existence. Read the books.
    • In the Master bedroom (b), use perception. Get pipe and pipeweed.
    • In the bathroom (c), use perception to find and get the lost gate key in the bathtub.
    • In the room where Fatty Bolger is (d), use perception to find and get an empty bottle.
    • If Merry is present, get the silver pennies at the south end of the hall (e). If Merry is not present you need to use perception to find them.
  6. Cotton farm.
    If Sam is present, Rose offers a token of her love as a parting gift. Get Rose's token.
  7. The hobbits in these houses are rather rude to you unless Merry is present.
  8. Cirband.
  9. Old Forest Gate.
    Use the gate key or the Unlock spell to enter the Old Forest.

SaradocKey/Gate Key, Ghost, News, Forest/Old Forest, Bree
FattyPipe/Weed, News, Ghost, Woman
EsmereldaForest, News, Ghost
CottonNews, Old Forest/Forest
CirbandNews, Forest, Barrow, Elrond, Elbereth
Silver pennies
Brandy Hall10