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The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began ...

Bag End  Bag End

  1. Bag End.
    The game begins at the door to Bag End by night. You can talk to Sam and Pippin, but you won't get much information out of them. Recruit them both. (You can use the Bag End Key to lock and unlock the front door if you feel like it.)
    • In the library (a), read the books to gain the !Luthien word of power. A letter from Gandalf turns up as well.
    • In the south-east store room (b), get the rations and the torch. Have Frodo equip the torch (weapon and light source). (Food restores life points but is only effective at healing once per day. Rations heal 2 life points.)
    • Have Pippin picklock the chest in Bilbo's room (c). Get the money inside for a total of 70 silver pennies so far. (Note that Pippin starts the game with 5 sp.)
    • The study (d) reminds you of past conversations with Gandalf.
    There is no way to open the door to Bag End once you have given Lobelia the key.
  2. The neighbours.
    For questions to ask the neighbours (talk command), see the table below.
    • Griffo Boffin (a).
      If Frodo is not present (because you have lost him in a fight, or in the Barrow-downs), chances are that the Fellowship will be offered a 'small' meal. Get six helpings of hot food.
    • May Brownlock (b).
    • Bingo Chubb (c).
    • Daddy Twofoot (d).
    • Not used (e).
      This hobbit home is not accessible in the game. See below.
  3. Lobelia.
    When Lobelia hits you over the head with her umbrella, you lose 1 life point. Trade the Bag End Key to Lobelia (it is her property anyway) and she will leave you alone. If you neglect to do this, Lobelia will track you down later (see Brandy Hall) to claim the key or have you arrested.
  4. Gaffer Gamgee.
    If you talk to the Gaffer after having rescued the lost kids, he will mention an inquisitive stranger. The door behind Gaffer Gamgee does not open.
  5. A text message about 'heavy hoofbeats' appears by the tree here, at night only. In the enhanced cinematic version of the game, the message was replaced by a short movie clip. The event is also used in the Green Hills area. You can trigger it once, either here or in the Green Hills. While the text message might plausibly refer to the Black Rider coming up the Hill to ask for 'Baggins', the scene from the Bakshi movie seems out of place here.

Griffo BoffinNews, Lobelia, Green Dragon Inn, Dwarf/Burglar, Lotho
May BrownlockNews/Black Rider, Weather
Bingo ChubbNews, Wolves/Ruins
Daddy TwofootNews, Gandalf, Bag End, Lotho/Lobelia
LobeliaNews, Key, Bag End, Brandybuck
The GafferNews, Inn, Kid, Grubb/Farmer Grubb
Silver pennies
Bilbo's chest65

Exit1 Exit 2
01: x 2216, y 1288
(Milo Burrows)
02: x 2576, y 3112
Exit 3Exit 4
03: x 1180, y 1528
(The Green Dragon)
04: x 2784, y 2960
(Southeast of the ferry)