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  1. Anson Goodbody.
    Bring back Anson's runaway dog to its owner. The lame old hobbit offers you a good shovel for your trouble. Get the shovel.
  2. Dog.
    Use charisma to make the dog follow you.
  3. Miller's house.
    If you are looking for trouble, attack Ted and Lotho. Two humans with clubs appear while Ted and Lotho vanish. Defeat them if you can, or escape by exiting south.
  4. The Mill.
    Do not enter the mill by day or you will be thrown out by Big Folk. Wait until nightfall and sneak past the sleeping guards. (If you do not sneak, the guards will wake up as you enter the large room with the millstone.) Walk up to the black steam-engine (or whatever it is) and answer Yes to the question about pushing buttons. The thing explodes and you end up outside. You cannot enter the mill again as it is now closed for repairs.
  5. Enclosed field.
    For some reason, you cannot get in here except by teleporting. Map 1, x 10, y 530 is near the upper-left corner. It is just an empty field.

Anson GoodbodyNews, Dog