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  1. Bob Thistlewood.
  2. Nick Underhill's hole. The door is open during the day; at night you can use picklock to get in. Nick is not glad to see you in either case.
  3. Curio Shoppe. Buy the green skull. Gold rings can be traded later.
  4. Ann Lilypool's house. If the Black Riders have not yet been driven off at the ford of Bruinen, Ann answers your questions.
  5. A howling sound is heard. There are wolves nearby.
  6. Three wargs attack.

Bob ThistlewoodNews, Weathertop, Monster/Scary, Cave, Bree, Gandalf, Rayf/Brogan, Bill/Ferny, Strider/Ranger, Black Rider, Sharkey, Mushroom
Ann LilypoolNews, Gandalf, Help, Luthien, Black Rider, Strider, Ranger/Dunedain, Bree, Mordor
Stores & prices
Curio Shoppegreen skull20
gold ring50
Bob Thistlewoodwarm clothes5