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  1. Healer. Each time you ask Tim Thistlewood to heal you, wounded characters regain 1–3 Life points. The healer says that his athelas is old, but he never runs out of it; he is apologizing for the (relatively) poor effect of his leaves, not asking you to bring him new ones (you cannot). Trade mushrooms to the healer. Get the elfdraught and the athelas. If you have been to Rivendell and back, the healer has been taken hostage by bandits. Four rogues attack as you enter.
  2. Chetwood Inn. If you have been to Rivendell and back, the bartender asks you to help the healer.
  3. Mark Oakwood.

HealerAthelas, Weathertop, Heal
BartenderHealer, News
After Rivendell, also Bandit
Mark OakwoodNews, Ruffian, Wolf/Wolves/Wargs, Ranger, Bree, Black Rider, Weathertop, Rayf/Brogan, Bob/Wheathead, Sharkey
Stores & prices
Chetwood Innale2
hot food3