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Weathertop caves

  1. Camp site. At night, if Aragorn is present, he begins to recite the "Lay of Luthien" – an adult version of the Lay of Leithian, perhaps? – while the Black Riders surround you. You are attacked by five Nazgûl. If the Black Riders were defeated at the Ford of Bruinen, nothing happens. There are four places where the event may occur but it will happen once only.
  2. Strider finds signs that Gandalf was here. Use perception to find a secret passage. Climb or use a rope to get to the crypt below (5c). You need to have a torch equipped to see anything.
  3. Use the !Angmar word of power by the stone apart. You are teleported to a crypt (5f).
  4. Follow the brook upstream until you find a hole next to the source. Climb down to the caves under Weathertop.
    • a. The bridge is guarded by a troll who attacks immediately.
    • b. Heading east, you are warned that there are orcs ahead. Sneak to get past them unnoticed.
    • c. If you did not sneak you are attacked by six orcs.
    • d. Heading north, you are warned that there are orcs ahead. Sneak to get past them unnoticed.
    • e. Heading south, you are warned that there are orcs ahead. Sneak to get past them unnoticed.
    • f. If you are heading east, you are attacked by two giant spiders.
    • g. Secret door. You are teleported to 5g.
    • h. A raft is moored here. Use the Boat skill to go to the other side of the lake.
    • i. Climb the shaft.
    • j. Spider web hinders your movement and fire does not help (as you will notice if you use a torch, the Firefinger spell, or the Firestorm spell). If you have the Spider sword it starts to hum wildly, and five giant spiders attack. The webbings are no longer an obstacle.
    • k. Use picklock to open the locked chest and get the Broken wing.
  5. Crypt.
    • a. There is something magical about the wall here. Step right through it (walk north) to be teleported to the stone apart.
    • b. Use a shovel at the doorway to clear the way to the lower level. You enter it via the central stairs.
    • c. If you used a rope at #2, answer Yes to get back up. Otherwise you can climb to the surface.
    • d. Gandalf left a message for you here. Each member of the Fellowship gets the !Luthien word of power.
    • e. If you use a prybar at the sarcophagus, you are attacked by a ghost.
    • f. The broken-hearted ghost of Thadred demands that you show him proof of a maidenís love. If you try to force your way past him, he warns you once and then attacks. Use Roseís token, the Gold token, or the Arwen token. Thadred thanks you. If you have not crossed the Ford of Bruinen, he also mentions the !Luthien word of power. He is not the first to do so.
    • g. A magical portion of the wall. Step right through it (walk west) to the Weathertop caves, 4g.
    • h. You are teleported here from the stone apart.