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Bree Bree underground

  1. West gate of Bree. You are not allowed to enter Bree at night.
  2. Oakwright's shop. See table below for prices. In Bree, all shops are closed at night. Oakwright knows the password for Rayf Brogan.
  3. Willie Bank's hole. During the day the door is open. At night, you can use picklock to get in. Willie does not want to have anything to do with you.
  4. Tom Pickthorn's hole. During the day the door is open. At night, you can use picklock to get in. Tom does not want to have anything to do with you, but he directs you to the Curio Shoppe in Staddle.
  5. Do not walk the streets of Bree at night or you may be attacked by a Nazgûl. There are three places where an attack may occur, but it happens once only. If you got rid of the Black Riders at the Ford of Bruinen, there are no further attacks.
  6. Stem Rushlight's house.
  7. Chum Pearfoot's house.
  8. Ham Oakbellow's house. If the Black Riders have been defeated at the Ford of Bruinen, Ham asks you to aid the healer of Archet, who is being held prisoner by rogues. Otherwise Ham directs you to the Curio Shoppe in Staddle.
  9. Nob Appledore's house. If you helped Nob escape from Sharkey's Shipping and brought him home, he leaves the Fellowship and offers you a valuable gift. Get Durin's pick.
  10. Rayf Brogan's hole. Rayf asks for the password at the door, unless Aragorn is present, in which case the door remains closed. The password is 'Breehill'. You are invited to join Rayf Brogan's band of surly rogues. Trade Rayf the torc of Maladan for the stolen second sheet of Gandalf's letter. If you have been to Rivendell and returned to Bree, you find that Rayf has changed. You can recruit him if you want to, and take the torc back if you feel like it.
  11. Rod Longhedge's house. If Rod won't talk to you, exit his house, walk across the road to the NW corner of Olive's house, and then go back again. This should do it. The reason is that the hotspot for Rod is just north of Olive's house and not where he is standing. Rod knows the password for Rayf Brogan.
  12. Olive Tunnelly's house.
  13. Bill Ferny's house. Once Ferny has left the Prancing Pony he will be found outside his house with your pony. Unless you already got a new one somehow, he offers to sell it back to you for 12 silver pennies (Get feature).
  14. Alan Mugwort's house.
  15. The blacksmith is a friend of Gandalf's. Ask him about 'Baggins' and get the magic shield.
  16. If Mr Baggins revealed his real name at the Prancing Pony, you are attacked by three thugs at night. If the Black Riders have been defeated at the ford the encounter does not take place.
  17. The Prancing Pony.
    • a. When you enter the inn all members of the Fellowship heal 3 Life points. If you have a pony, it is taken from you and brought to the stables. If she is present Athelwyn skulks away from the merry-making and leaves the Fellowship. If you brought Nob Appledore, he is overjoyed and leaves the Fellowship – do not go here first if you want Durin's Pick (see #9 above)! Finally, if you have been to Rivendell and back, a hobbit rushes by with the news that Ned Bushdock is missing (unless Ned is in the party, of course).
    • b. Barliman asks Frodo for his name. Do not say 'Baggins' as people may overhear. Tell him 'Underhill'. If Aragorn is present, Barliman remembers a letter from Gandalf and gives you the first sheet of it; the second page has been stolen. If you are on a return visit from Rivendell, and Gandalf or Aragorn are present, Barliman beams at the wizard or scowls at the ranger.
    • c. Strider invites you over for a word of advice. Ask him about whatever comes to mind. He tells you to meet him later in the parlour. Having said that, he either walks away or (if Pippin is present) stays around for the show.
    • d. Bill Ferny. If Frodo checked in using his real name, Ferny directs him to the "Curio Shoppe" (meaning the Charme Shoppe).
    • e. Dwarf.
    • f. People step into the story circle in the center of the Common Room to sing or tell stories. Once you have talked to Strider, Pippin gets a bit carried away and you are asked if you want to distract the audience. If you answer Yes, a test is made against Frodo's Endurance. If it succeeds, you save the situation. If it fails, Frodo momentarily puts on the Ring and turns invisible. If Frodo chooses not to interfere (or if he is not around), Pippin's story raises suspicions. In any case, whether anything has been said or not, it ends with Bill Ferny walking out of the room followed by Strider (if he did not leave earlier).
    • g. Get six helpings of hot food. If you talked to Strider in the common room he is waiting for you here. In the enhanced version, a video clip is shown. Recruit Aragorn.
    • h. At night, two Black Riders attack. If he is present Strider warns against using the bedrooms.
  18. Stables. You find that your pony has been stolen.
  19. Ned Bushdock's hole. Use picklock to get in. When you enter the bedroom, Ned suddenly appears and joins the Fellowship. He does not have any useful skills. If you have been to Rivendell and back, and then visited the Prancing Pony, Ned is gone and you are met by smashed furniture in the hallway. Use perception in the bedroom to find out more. If you have Hobbit Lore, you identify the pipeweed on the floor as Longbottom Leaf.
  20. The Healer's house. All party members heal 2–12 points of damage. After three visits, though, the healer runs out of athelas. Trade athelas to him and he can help you once again.
  21. Library. If you have been to Rivendell and back, question the librarian for information on Ned Bushdock.
    • a. Use perception to find a parchment. Read it for information on the Sword that was Broken.
    • b. Read the books for information on Weathertop and the Broken Wing.
  22. Sharkey's Shipping.
  23. Charme Shoppe. If you ask Willa about 'Magic' or 'Witch', she attacks you along with two ruffians. If Athelwyn is present, she unmasks as well and joins in against you.
  24. Unlike most of the villagers this man does not want to talk to you. The second time you see him, he argues with one of the Nazgûl and gets hewn down. (If the Black Riders have been defeated at the ford nothing happens.)
  25. Bob Wheathead's shop. Bob knows the password for Rayf Brogan.
  26. Tunnel entrance. Climb down (or use rope). You need to have a torch equipped to see anything. Jump the chasm (a) and walk up to the box on the dias (b). If Aragorn is present, the box opens as if acknowledging his lordship. Otherwise, the Ringbearer notes that the Ring gets heavier, as if reluctant to approach the torc, and the box opens. Get the torc of Maladan. If Athelwyn is present, she unmasks as a traitor and attacks you to steal the torc (with the Ring as a 'considerable bonus'). In the enhanced version the torc is unobtainable due to a bug, see below.
  27. East gate of Bree. As with the west gate, you are not allowed to enter at night. If Athelwyn abandoned the Fellowship at the Prancing Pony or in Rivendell, she reappears in the gatehouse with three thugs and attacks.

OakwrightNews, Forsaken, Bree, Black Rider/Weathertop, Rayf/Brogan, Gandalf
Stem Rushlight25% News, Weathertop, Goblin/Wolf/Wolves, Rayf/Brogan, Bree
25% News, Rayf/Brogan, Ranger, Bree
25% News, Nick/Underhill, Rayf/Brogan, Ranger, Bree
25% News, Dwarf/Dwarves, Last Bridge, Rayf/Brogan, Ranger, Bree
Chum Pearfoot25% News, Ranger, Black Rider, Bree, Weathertop, Rayf/Brogan
25% News, Bob/Thistlewood, Weathertop, Bree, Rayf/Brogan
25% News, Midgemarsh, Bree, Rayf/Brogan, Weathertop
25% News, Sharkey, Bree, Rayf/Brogan, Weathertop
Rayf BroganLetter, Torc, Strider/Ranger, Thief/Bandit
Rod Longhedge25% News, Bill/Ferny, Black Rider, Bree, Weathertop
25% News, Barrow, Blacksmith, Bill/Ferny, Black Rider, Bree, Weathertop, Rayf/Brogan
25% News, Nob/Appledore, Rayf/Brogan, Bree
25% News, Stealing/Book/Library, Rayf/Brogan, Bree
Olive Tunnelly25% News, Shire/Lobelia, Weathertop, Bree, Bob/Thistlewood
25% News, Shire, Ruffian, Weathertop, Bree, Bob/Thistlewood
25% – Aragorn not present News, Strider, Ranger, Weathertop, Bree, Bob/Thistlewood
otherwise News, Dwarf/Dwarves, Mordor, Weathertop, Bree, Bob/Thistlewood
25% News, Dwarf/Dwarves, Mordor, Weathertop, Bree, Bob/Thistlewood
Alan MugwortNews, Ted Bloom/Magic/Black Magic, Willa, Sharkey/Ruffian, Bree, Weathertop, Gandalf, Black Rider
BlacksmithFerny, Healer, Gandalf, Baggins, News, Strider, Ranger/Dunedain, Weathertop, Bree, Rayf/Brogan, Black Rider
BarlimanUnderhill, Baggins, Gandalf, Page, Stole, Interested, Rayf Brogan, Willa Bloom, Bill Ferny, News
if Aragorn is not present, also Strider, Ranger
After Rivendell: Black Rider, Bill Ferny, Nob, News
Bill FernyHorse/Pony/Ponies, News, Bree, Gandalf/Weathertop/Rayf/Brogan/Sharkey, Curio
DwarfNews, Dragon, Bree, Safe, Robber, Wolf/Wolves, Moria, Forsaken, Orin/Gandalf, Last Bridge, Weathertop
AragornPrice, Black Rider/Enemy, Bill/Ferny, Gandalf, Ring, Bree, News, Weathertop, Rayf/Brogan
LibrarianNews, Book, Library, Bree, Black Rider/Weathertop/Gandalf/Rivendell/Last Bridge, Strider, Ranger
After Rivendell: News, Book, Library, Ned/Bushdock, Pipeweed, Sharkey, Gorthad
Willa BloomSaruman, Witch/Magic, Rayf, Bree, Weathertop, Gandalf
Bob WheatheadNews, Bill, Strider, Rayf/Brogan, Bree, Weathertop, Ranger, Gandalf, Mordor
Stores & prices
Blacksmithchain mail75
leather armor40
Sharkey's Shippingrope10
White Hand35
Willa Bloomspiritcharm255
White Hand35
gold ring50
Bob Wheatheadrations3
warm clothes5