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Forsaken Inn Forsaken Inn cellar

  1. Midgewater Marshes. One of the Fellowship comments on the marshflies, but luckily you pass through unharmed.
  2. You are ambushed by two Black Riders. If the Nazgûl were defeated at the ford, you are attacked by three of Sharkey's men instead.
  3. At the Forsaken Inn, question Orin for information. The dwarf that you met on the East Road gave you three names to ask about. Once Orin has answered your fourth question, the sound of horses is heard outside and the dwarf tells you to hide. If you stay and wait you have to fight a Nazgûl (unless the Black Riders were driven off at the ford).
    • a. Secret passage under the bed.
    • b. If you have Dwarf lore, you can read the names on the sarcophagi: Baldor, Orin, and Bolthor.
    • c. (Two places.) You are attacked by two giant spiders.
    • d. If you have Dwarf lore, you can read the names Buri, Nain, and Glain.
    • e. Using perception you notice something. Use a shovel and get the Lady token.
    • f. Use the green skull. A voice tells you where to look for the Lady token. Curiously, the spectral speaker is said to be Oin, who haunts the 4th and 5th levels of Moria.
  4. A good spot to pick kingsfoil. Get four doses of athelas.
  5. A howling sound is heard. There are wolves nearby.
  6. Three wargs attack.

OrinFundin, Skull, Mines, Moria/Khazad-Dum, Nuri, Borri, Falin