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Rhosgobel Rhosgobel

  1. The elves drop you off here. There is no return; you cannot go back across the river.
  2. If he is present, Celeborn announces at the crossroads that he is about to leave. You may want to trade the lembas that he is carrying (× 6) to the other characters.
  3. Outside Rhosgobel, you come upon an unexpectedly pleasant place in the forest, with frolicsome wildlife. If the false Radagast is present, the animals run away from him.
  4. Rhosgobel.
    • a. The bottom floor is described as a beautiful garden in disarray.
    • b. Use perception for a closer look at the cages. Use picklock to open them. If you use perception again afterwards, a fuller description is displayed. You may also use the Animalspeak spell to talk to the animals.
    • c. Two wolves attack. Feeding them might be a good idea.
    • d. Radagast greets you. You can recruit him. If you use the magic glass or the !Melian word of power, or if you attack him, the werewolf changes into its true form and attacks. When he is dead, use picklock or the Unlock spell to free the brown bird. It turns into the real Radagast. Recruit him if you like.

Radagast (Werewolf)Cage, Enslave, Bird/Brown Bird
Brown bird (Radagast)Dol Guldur, Wolf/Werewolf