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  1. When you enter this area, Celeborn leaves the Fellowship. As you move east you spot Gollum. Use the !Orome word of power, rope, or the Eagle Gem to stop him, and then recruit him. If you hesitate for too long he runs away.
  2. If Gollum got away, you spot him again. Use the !Orome word of power or the Eagle Gem to stop him, and then recruit him; or use rope to catch and "recruit" him at the same time.
  3. If he is present, Gollum encourages you to go north, through the Mirkwood maze.
  4. You run into one of four encounters:
    • (30% chance) A branch crashes down on the leader, doing 1–4 points of damage.
    • (30% chance) You think you see eyes in the forest; or Gollum (if he is present) complains about nasssty spiders.
    • (20% chance) A black squirrel hisses at you.
    • (20% chance) The wind rustles the trees.
  5. You are attacked by three giant spiders.
  6. If you have Perception, you notice that the hedge looks thinner to the east. If you have Wizard lore, you sense powerful magic coming from that direction.
  7. If you have Wizard lore, you notice something magical about the hedge here. Use perception to find a secret opening. Move east to pass through.
  8. You come upon a statuary with statues that look just like you. You are attacked by five statues: those of a hobbit, a ranger, a wizard, a dwarf, and an elf.
  9. Gollum tries to persuade you to turn back to the maze (if he is present) and you spot orc sentry posts ahead.
  10. The guards see you. The Witch-King takes off from Dol Guldur with the Ringbearer and makes for Mordor. Game over.