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East barrow Barrow

  1. If you accepted the Ghostking's request in the Shire to bear the ghost ruby to the King (i.e., to Aragorn), Amonar's ghost appears here. He seeks revenge. Recruit the Ghostking. He will not leave Sauron's graveyard; if you do, he leaves the Fellowship, never to return.
  2. You are attacked by four barrow-wights, unless the Ghostking is present, in which case he scares them off.
  3. The traitor's barrow.
    • a. If the Ghostking is present, the traitor rises from the ground to fight him. You are attacked by six barrow-wights. If present when the fight is over, the Ghostking thanks you and fades away. Use perception to search the barrow. Get the magic glass.

GhostkingRevenge, Rhudaur, Traitor, Amon Sul