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  1. You come upon an area cleared of trees within sight of the tower.
  2. You are attacked by four uruks and a sorcerer. If the false Radagast is present, he changes into wolf-form and joins the fray. The event occurs once only. When you defeat a sorcerer you get his dagger.
  3. You find a concealed, narrow entrance by the standing stone. The exit is in the lower levels of Dol Guldur. If he was present, Gollum slips away while you squeeze your way through.
  4. Gollum warns against going to the front gate of the tower, and wants you to look for the standing stone.
  5. You are attacked by five olog-hai and a nazgûl.
  6. The gate is closed. The drawbridge must be lowered from inside.
  7. Keep.
    • a. You are attacked by four orcs.
    • b. You are met by the surreal sight of two trees being transformed into orcs. Attack them to put an end to their misery, and to be met by a sentence no less surreal: 'The wooden orcs seem quite happy to be dead.'
    • c. Two trolls being warped into solid stone. There is nothing you can do about them.
    • d. A brazier spouts out fire at you, doing 1–6 points of damage unless you have the Ice staff.
    • e. Secret passage to the lower levels of Dol Guldur. Use perception to be instantly teleported. If he was present, Gollum takes the opportunity to sneak away from the Fellowship.