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Dol Guldur, upper levels

  1. First level (ground floor).
    • a. Use devices to lower the drawbridge.
    • b. You are attacked by three orcs.
    • c. You are attacked by four uruks. Next, if the orcs east of the gatehouse are still alive, they fire arrows at you, doing 1–4 points of damage. Finally, if the orcs west of the gatehouse are still alive, they fire arrows at you doing 1–4 points of damage.
    • d. If you have lowered the drawbridge, you can exit the tower of Dol Guldur.
    • e. You are attacked by six uruks.
    • f. You are attacked by four orcs. If you picklock the chests by their beds, you find their dirty laundry.
    • g. You come upon the whimpering slave orc Juithrech.
  2. Second level.
    • a. The Black Breath is active. A test is made against the character's Will. If it fails, the character takes 1–3 points of damage.
    • b. You are attacked by a sorcerer and three uruks.
    • c. You are attacked by six orcs. The event occurs once only.
  3. Third level.
    • a. Orcs patrol the battlement. You can sneak past them – or just move on before they see you. If you stand there doing nothing, though, you are attacked by four orcs.
    • b. You are attacked by a crazy Dunlending.
    • c. A man from Rhûn demands single combat against your leader. Answer Yes to oblige. If you lose, it is game over. If you win, he utters a healing word with his last breath, since you defeated him in a fair fight; all characters regain 5–10 Life points. On the other hand, if you turn down his proud challenge, he dies cursing you.
    • d. You are attacked by five sorcerers.
  4. Fourth level.
    • a. You are attacked by a nazgul, a sorcerer and a troll.
    • b. Use the red key, the malachite key, or Countermagic to break the locking spell.
  5. Fifth level.
    • a. Endfight! If you hesitate, you are warned that the Witch-King is about to leave on his winged beast. Only the !Thorondor word of power or the Eagle Gem can help you then (see below). If you attack, you are in for a few unpleasant surprises. First, you have to fend off the Black Breath, each character taking 12 points of damage. If the false Radagast is present, he changes into wolf form and turns against you. Rather than charging at the Witch-King, use the !Thorondor word of power, or use the Eagle Gem or the Wizard staff. In the first case, the eagles appear and take care of the Witch-King's steed, forcing him to fight alone and without the benefit of the Black Breath. The Wizard staff has a similar effect. The Eagle Gem only works if there is a hobbit in the party; if Pippin, Merry, or Sam is present, it has the same effect as !Thorondor. When the Witch-King is dead, a video clip in the enhanced version (about 2 and a half min.) shows what happens next, at Amon Hen. It is followed by the cartoon used also in the standard version. Congratulations, you have beaten the game!

JuithrechPrison/Jail, Witch-King/Captain, Uruk, Dol Guldur, Other, Orc, Nazburz, Elf/Dwarf/Elves/Dwarves, Gollum, Snaga, Master, Pit