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West Gate of Moria 

  1. If Legolas is present, he comments on the elven stonework.
  2. You are attacked by four wargs. (Three places.)
  3. You recall an old proverb as you are attacked by five wargs. The encounter occurs once only.
  4. If he is present, Gandalf tries to open the gate to no avail. In the standard version the gate is shown as a 'cartoon'. Use the !Mellon word of power. In the enhanced version, a movie clip is shown (about two minutes long). The gate opens and you are attacked by two tentacles. When they are gone, move on; if you wait for too long the tentacles resurface. Note that the gate is to the north. When you enter Moria, another video clip is shown in the enhanced version.
    If Gandalf is not present, the gate remains hidden but you can use Countermagic. If you do, a narrator dryly comments that you should seek the assistance of someone wise.