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Trollshaws Trollshaws cave

  1. Last Bridge. If Aragorn is present, he comments on the elf-stone found on the bridge. Get the beryl.
  2. A statue of Gandalf points towards a cave entrance underneath the bridge.
    • a. You are attacked by the two trolls who inhabit these caves. There are two places where the encounter may occur, but it will happen once only.
    • b. Memories of Luthien. All characters get the !Luthien word of power.
    • c. Memories of Beren. The Ringbearer gets the !Beren word of power.
  3. North cave entrance.
  4. At night, there is a 50% chance that you are discovered by trolls who throw stones at you. All characters take 2–6 points of damage. (Three places.)
  5. At night, you are attacked by three trolls. There are three places where the encounter may occur.
  6. When you enter the shaded areas on the map, it begins to rain.
  7. Use a prybar to enter the troll-hole. If you have Elven lore, use perception to find and read a scroll.
  8. Three troll statues.
  9. Rough stones form a crude marker. Use a shovel to find a magic sword. Get Trollslayer.
  10. You are attacked by two Black Riders. If the Nazgûl were dispersed at the ford, you are attacked by four of Sharkey's men.
  11. You hear a rider approaching, and Glorfindel appears. If Aragorn is present he greets the elf, and Glorfindel explains the situation. In the enhanced version a video clip is shown. The Ringbearer mounts and gallops off to the Ford.
  12. The Ford of Bruinen. If the Fellowship crosses the Ford on foot, they are attacked by a Nazgûl on the eastern shore and have to defeat him. If the Ringbearer is mounted, he makes it across but is knocked off his horse (not shown graphically). In either case the Black Riders then close in on you. Frozen stiff by the Black Breath, you have but a short time to react. Use the !Luthien or !Elbereth word of power to summon the waters of the Bruinen against the Black Riders. In the enhanced version, a video clip is shown; in the standard version there is a short cartoon. The white horse Asfaloth disappears.