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Rivendell Rivendell upper floors

  1. Recruit Legolas.
  2. You hear Legolas singing to the west, his voice drowning the noise of a waterfall.
  3. Rivendell.
    • a. When you enter Elrond's house each party member heals 5–10 Life points. If you have talked to Gandalf, a bell announces that the Council of Elrond is about to begin. If you have a pony it is taken from you and brought to the stables. If she is still around, Athelwyn refuses to enter Rivendell and leaves the Fellowship. Finally, if he is present when you exit Rivendell, Bilbo says good-bye and goes back to his room.
    • b. Answer Yes if you want Elladan to teach you skills (Get feature). If you go back to Rivendell from Lórien, you can recruit him.
    • c. In the enhanced version, a longish video clip from the animated movie (about three minutes) shows the Council of Elrond if Aragorn is present. If he is not, a series of text paragraphs are displayed, ending with the question whether you will take the Ring to Mordor. Answer Yes or the game ends with the elves quarreling endlessly over what to do. The standard version uses the text paragraphs, but since they are not displayed on-screen, what you get is a bare list of references to the manual. There is also one text if Aragorn is present and another if he is not.
      Recruit Gandalf and Boromir. Elrond asks for proof that the Black Riders are dispersed. Once you have found the eight cloaks, he is ready to help. (You do not need to trade the cloaks to him, and even though Elrond "casts the last shredded cloak aside" they are still in your possession. You do not need them anymore though.) Elrond gives you the !Mellon word of power and the password for Lórien. Get the athelas (× 2) and miruvor.
    • d. Ben Appledore from Bree went to Rivendell to get help in getting his brother Nob out of Gorthad. If you have done so he thanks you, otherwise he asks you to go back to Bree.
    • e. Elladrien is the beloved of Pellisar, also known as Hawkeye. If he is present, Hawkeye leaves the Fellowship to be with her. If Hawkeye is dead, you are asked whether you will tell Elladrien. Answer Yes. (If you answer No, nothing happens except that Elladrien remains ignorant.) She asks you to take his signet ring to the crypt.
    • f. Answer Yes if you want Elrohir to teach you skills (Get feature). If you go back to Rivendell from Lórien, you can recruit him.
    • g. Answer Yes if you want Erestor to teach you skills (Get feature).
    • h. Get any of the following from the outfitters: warm clothes, rope, sword (× 2), torch (× 2).
    • i. If Frodo is present, Bilbo greets him and asks to see the Ring. Answer Yes. (If you answer No, nothing happens except that Bilbo gets disappointed.) Get Sting and the mithril mail. You can recruit Bilbo, but he will not leave Rivendell. Take him upstairs to the library.
    • j. If Bilbo is not present, you are told that you need help to find anything useful in the library. If Bilbo is present, read the books for some useful information. In the enhanced version a number of paragraphs are displayed. In the standard version you get a list of references to the manual.
    • k. For each gem, gold ring, or beryl that you trade to Arwen, all members of the Fellowship get a stat increase (+2 Luck). Get the Arwen token.
    • l. When you talk to Galdor you get the !Mellon word of power.
    • m. Use perception, then get the wine bottle. (There is a bug in the enhanced version, see below.) A secret passage opens.
    • n. Recruit Gimli.
    • o. When you talk to Glóin some information on Moria is displayed.
    • p. Use the signet ring to put Hawkeye's spirit to rest. If you do not, his ghost will return to haunt you in Moria. A spectral voice gives you a cryptic clue for the barrows to the south. Use the !Beren word of power for a stat increase. All members of the Fellowship get +1 Strength.
  4. When you approach Gandalf, he teleports to the Hall of Fire.
  5. Smithy. If you have at least two pieces of the Sword that was Broken, Lindir offers to reforge it for you. Trade him the ghost ruby, bladepart, and/or Broken wing. Once he has received two pieces Lindir sets to work. Get Anduril. If Aragorn is present, he gives the sword its new name.
  6. Stables. If your pony was taken from you on entering Rivendell, you can recruit it again.
  7. For some reason, you cannot reach this area except by teleporting. Perhaps at one time during development, the Swim skill was to allow you to cross rivers, but it was not implemented. Elladan and Elrohir have this skill but it is not good for anything.

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Ben AppledoreTalk, Brother/Nob, Gorthad, Bree, Wizard
ElladanRivendell/Peace/Joy, Struggle, Quest, Shadow/Darkness/Sauron/Mordor, Elrond
ElrohirRivendell/Peace/Joy, Struggle, Quest, Shadow/Darkness/Sauron/Mordor, Elrond
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