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East Road

  1. The ruins here are heavily overgrown and do not show up on the map. Only a Ranger would notice them. The spot can be hard to find. Starting from the large hill shown on the map, align yourself with the middle circle and head west. You should walk just south of a tree on the west side of the hill. Walk straight on until you reach the spot shown in the screenshot below. If you have Ranger Lore, a message is displayed. Use perception to find a grave; use a shovel and get the dagger and gem. Kill the giant spider that appears.

    Ruins of Cardolan
  2. A howling sound warns you that there are wolves nearby.
  3. A wolf attacks.
  4. You meet a hobbit traveller.
  5. A brigand captain and three brigands block the way and demand your silver. If you do not have any money, they attack. Answer Yes to give them your money and move on; answer No to fight them. If you do pay 'toll', the brigand captain directs you to Rayf Brogan in Bree.
  6. Three brigands block the way. Answer Yes to give them your silver and move on, answer No to fight them. If you do not have any money, they smell it and attack.
  7. A dwarf appears.

HobbitExperienced, Monsters, Magic, News, Bree, Bandit
DwarfOrin, Black Rider, Magic, Forsaken, Bree, News, Bandit

  • If you ask the walking dwarf about Black Riders, the game displays the wrong string. Perhaps he was meant to give the same answer as if you ask the hobbit traveller about Monsters.
  • The first time you leave the Barrow-downs area, a video clip is shown in the enhanced version. In the standard version there is a short cartoon.