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Old Forest

  1. The Old Forest maze starts here at the Buckland Gate. You can use the gate key to return to the Shire.
    • a: A test is made against the leader's Luck. If it fails, a heavy branch comes crashing down, hitting the leader. If it succeeds, another test is made, this time against the leader's Dexterity. Failure this time means that he or she is tripped by a root. In either case the leader loses Life. If both tests succeed, nothing happens.
    • b: 25% chance that a message is shown. There are three alternating messages. The forest is getting on your nerves.
    • c: 25% chance that the party is attacked. There are three alternating sets of enemies: two wolves; three spiders; a lone orc.
    • d: (Daytime only) A message about 'Warm golden sunshine' is shown. All party members lose Life (out of exhaustion?).
    • e: A message about 'Strange furtive noises' is shown.
  2. Secret passage.
    Climb the tree to free the ensnared bird. It opens a secret passage for you. Walk into the wall of trees and you will pass straight through.
  3. Tall tree (two places).
    Climb the tree for a view of the surrounding forest.
  4. If you enter this area, the screen turns grey. You are caught by Old Man Willow's mesmerizing spell and teleported to #5.
  5. If Old Man Willow lures you astray, you end up here.
  6. Old Man Willow.
    If you get too close to Old Man Willow, the tree catches a number of your friends (those who fail a test against Will with a +25 bonus, I think). You are asked if you want to attack the tree, but doing so does you no good (nor harm).
    • Use the !HelpHelp word of power to make Tom Bombadil appear and take care of the situation.
    • Use perception to find an opening in the trunk. Enter the tree. Walk into the cave until something half-buried beneath your feet attracts your attention. Use the sneak skill and then get the bow, Smith's ring, and silver pennies. Exit the cave.
      Using perception, you notice a small knot hole above you, well out of reach. If you were to pick up Smith's ring without sneaking, the opening in the tree would slam shut and water would start pouring in. In this situation you could climb up and out through the knot hole, now that the water lifts you up there. If you do not do so within a time limit, however, the party drowns.
  7. Barrow. Use a shovel at the top. Get the bottle, light gem, and silver pennies.
Silver pennies
Old Man Willow200
Forest barrow200