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Old Forest Withywindle Cave

  1. The house of Tom Bombadil is a sheltered haven in this hostile land.
    • a: The first time you enter the house, all party members are fully healed.
    • b: Tom asks you to lend him the Ring. Answer Yes. All party members get the !Bombadil word of power.
    • c: In the kitchen, get the rations (× 4).
    • d: Upstairs, Goldberry asks you to bring her lilies that will restore her health. Get the Gold token.
      Once you have found the lilies, trade them to Goldberry. Each member of the Fellowship receives a stat increase (+2 to Endurance, Life, Will, Dexterity, and Luck).
    • e: Answer Yes to get some sleep. The Ringbearer (if present) restores 1–6 Life points and gets the !Angmar word of power.
  2. Garden. Get the pipeweed, athelas (× 2), red beans, and dwarfwort. Red beans restore 2 Life points, dwarfwort 4.
  3. Trade a Red acorn to Ruddyoak and he joins the Fellowship.
  4. The Black Alder is lurking here, ready to ambush unwary wanderers. He will not attack if Ruddyoak is present. To avoid the Black Alder, simply pass the tree to the east.
  5. If you bring Ruddyoak, he almost trips on something buried (being a long-rooted fellow). Use a shovel at the top of the barrow. Get the springstone.
  6. If you have talked to Goldberry, use perception to find that there are no lilies left in her pool.
  7. If you are on Goldberry's quest, a message says that a lily blossom floats by ... but you cannot see any stream, so it is hard to tell where it came from.
  8. Red oak tree. In the standard version, use perception to find three acorns. Get a red acorn. (There are three acorns in the tree but you can get one only. This is intentional.)
    In the enhanced version there is a bug preventing you from getting any acorn at all, see below.
  9. Behind the waterfall is the entrance to the Riverwoman's cave.
    • a. Get the Spider sword that someone dropped here.
    • b. Withywindle's throne.
      Use the gold token (or trade it). The Riverwoman says that while she cannot defeat winter, if you bring her the Springstone she might be able to do something. Once you have found it, trade the Springstone to Withywindle. She gives you some lilies for her daughter.
    • Use Countermagic to pass through the ice wall. (If you use a torch or the Firefinger spell, you are told that fire is not going to do it.)
    • Use perception to find Durond's staff embedded in the wall. Get the Ice staff.
  10. You find a stone tablet. Read it for some information on the ice staff.
  11. There are lilies in a shadowed pool at the bottom of the crater. If you try to climb, though, you are warned that the sides of the pit are too slippery. Keep moving and you will fall into the pool in the cave below (near 9a). You should probably consider yourself lucky that the roof of the cave did not collapse; it is not entirely clear what is supporting it.
  12. An invisible border runs south from here and west across the bridge. Ruddyoak will not cross the border. If you do, he leaves the Fellowship.

Tom BombadilBarrow, Gandalf, Forest/Old Forest, Willow/Old Man Willow, Black Rider, Withywindle, Goldberry, Ruddy oak/Ruddyoak, Acorn/Red acorn, Springstone, Lily/Lilies, Bree, Tree, River, Black Alder
GoldberryLily/Lilies, Oak/Red acorn, Withywindle, Springstone, Tom/Bombadil
RuddyoakSpringstone/Stone, Red acorn, Withywindle, Black Alder, Master, Tom/Bombadil
WithywindleLily/Lilies, Springstone/Ruddyoak, Ice, Goldberry, Tom/Bombadil