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Under construction This is a gallery of various software projects I have started since I started writing small basic programs on Atari 800XL in 1986. Some of them might be of interest to you, others are just a piece of nostalgia to me.

Legal notice: Unless stated otherwise, all of this software is copyrighted by Michal Beneš. You can use and redistribute my work under the terms of LGPL 2.1.

Representative sample of my C++ code

As the other projects listed on this site need not represent the quality of my current commercial code, I have decided to put here a small sample representing my current coding style and code quality. This code is intended for interviewers during any job interviews I might undertake in future.

Year: 2009

Highlights: Polished and documented C++ code representing the code quality of my current commercial projects.

Downloads: smallworld.tgz

Lord of the Rings Engine

Linux port of the famous Interplays game Lord of the Rings

All screenshots

Year: 2003--2009

Highlights: This is by many the best game from Tolkiens Middle-Earth ever! And that means one of the best computer games ever. And now it runs on modern operating systems natively.

Homepage: http://www.wonderland.cz/lotr/

Downloads: http://www.wonderland.cz/lotr/#downloads

Tatami competition system

Tatami is a system for management of karate-do tournaments specifically tuned to the needs of JKA Czech Republic.

All screenshots

Year: 2008

Highlights: Much cleaner code than my previous projects writen using excellent Django framework. Actually used by real people.

Homepage: http://www.wonderland.cz/tatami/

Downloads: http://www.wonderland.cz/tatami/#downloads

Double Dash

Split-screen multiplayer clone of Boulder Dash.

All screenshots

Year: 2003

Highlights: Great fun to beat friends.

Git repository: git clone http://git.wonderland.cz/doubledash
Download: doubledash-0.5.1.tar.gz

My childhood Atari 800XL creations

Various games written in Atari Basic on my first computer Atari 800XL.

All screenshots

Years: 1986--199?

Highlights: Embarrassing nostalgia.

Homepage: http://www.wonderland.cz/atari800/

Tulka Whiteboard

Chat and shared Whiteboard tool designed for e-learning. In other words: shared paint program with chat tool.

All screenshots

Year: 2000--2002

Highlights: My first Java program. Support for all major Java-enabled browsers at that time. No only very small demands regarding Internet connectivity. Very little hardware demands even for year 2000 (many classrooms had only crappy old computers). Viewing of various document formats (.ps, .dvi, .rtf, .doc).

Homepage: http://www.karlin.mff.cuni.cz/~benes/tulka/

Download: TulkaWB-0.6.8.tgz

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