My childhood Atari 800XL creations

Embarrassing nostalgia

Jablka (Apples)

This is my first (somewhat) enjoyable game. It was originally inspired by the electronic game Nu, pogodi (Ну Погоди) (piece of nostalgia for anybody growing up in the Eastern Bloc in the late eighties). Because I didn't know how to implement better graphics I simplified the game. Now, you are catching apples (represented by 'O') into a basket (represented by 'W'). Jablka means apples in Czech.

Here is a version of the game I recently (2023) created using ChatGPT 4.

Press joystick trigger to start. Move your basket using joystick.

Download: JABLKA.BAS (use TurboBasic)

Rubín (Ruby)

My by far the most ambitious Atari program. A hard way to learn from my mistakes. This was supposed to be an action-adventure game. It was hard as hell to debug it into some working state. After that, I had no energy left to implement more than three rooms in the game.

The objective of the game is to find a gigantic ruby (rubín in Czech) in an ancient haunted monastery. This story was inspired by a tale told by my children camp instructor.

Press 2x Start in the two title screens and then joystick trigger to start. Use joystick to move. Use joystick trigger to open menu: 'O' open; 'P' movement mode; 'B' fighting mode.

Download: RUBIN.BAS (use TurboBasic)

Bomby (Bombs)

My later creation and one of the more enjoyable games with proper graphics. This game has rather militaristic premise: you are dropping bombs on a city.

Press 2x Start in the two title screens. Key 1 to drop a bomb, key 0 to fire a laser (this costs you points).

Download: BOMBY2.BAS (too fast with TurboBasic)

Lyžař (Skier)

Modeled after the first video game I have ever seen. It was in my fathers work (this was before personal computers were common in the Eastern Block), the trees were asterisks, the skier was 'V' and everything was done just using text mode scrolling. And of course, everything was in this wonderful monochrome CRT Matrix-like green. If anybody knows that game let me know.

Press Start in the title screen then choose difficulty 1-9 and press Start again. Use joystick to steer the skier, avoid trees.

Download: LYZAR2.BAS (use TurboBasic)

Čáry (Lines)

Tron clone. Use two joysticks to control your lines.

Download: CARY.BAS

Motýl (Butterfly)

My graphically most advanced but sadly totally unplayable and boring game. The graphics was inspired by Boulder Dash one of my favorite games ever. Fly around with a butterfly, avoid arrows, pick diamond, return back.

Press Start in the title screen, then press space to start the game. Use joystick to move your butterfly.

Download: MOTYL.BAS (use TurboBasic)

Miny (Mines)

Minesweeper clone.

Move cursor with joystick. Trigger or Return to mark a clean spot. Space to mark a mine.

Download: MINY.BAS (too fast with TurboBasic)

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