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Rewrite of the game engine for very famous Lord of the Rings Game by Interplay. The game captures the atmosphere of Middle Earth very well and it is regarded as one of the best Tolkien inspired games ever. It is an old-fashioned RPG covering most of the book events but adds more quests. I like that the game gives the player a lot of freedom and I believe the replayability is high. Check the complete walkthough by Dront to get the an idea how huge the game is.

The Fellowship of the Ring (vol. 1) support is effectively complete (some missing features are not essential for the enjoyment of the game). The Two Towers (vol. 2) playable but not fully tested. Some quests are likely broken. I do not know if the game is winnable in the current shape (you can always run the game in debug mode to skip over broken areas).

I recommend an excellent review on CRPG addict (the game ranks 35th out of 437 reviewed games) P1 | P2 | P3 | P4 | P5 | P6 | Won | Rating

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